Monday, May 13, 2013

Meet Welsummer, our first rooster.

Our chickens are growing quickly, and it's stil hard to tell which one of them is a rooster and which one will be a hen.
But some chicken's sex can already be clearly identified.

The only Welsummer chick we got, which was supposedly a hen, is now a proud rooster with a beautiful call. Well, he is still practicing. But it already sounds pretty cool.

A very proud rooster he is...

...and this is how he looked like when we got him.
There is also "friendly hen", the nicest one of them all:

And weird looking hawk-chicken:

In the end we can say, out of 20 chicken 17 made it so far, looking healthy happy and more bad-ass than ever.

Our thoughts go out to Limpie, sickish baby chick and docile white chicken... I bet they are having a great time in chicken heaven.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring onions, first harvest.

There you go.

They are quite fragrant and very flavorful.
Wil and I are proud spring onion parents.

And here is a photo of some prairie spring sky.

And a picture of our panting cat.
We wore her out completely.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring on the Prairie

Finally spring has arrived on our Little Haus On The Prairie!
Let's hope there won't be any more snow storm surprises...

While Wil is being my jet-setting artist husband and showing his work in New York, I'm enjoying 23°C, sun and blue sky on our patio with a glass of iced tea in my hand.

It's so beautiful outside, it feels like I'm on vacation.

As mentioned in my previous post, everything is growing fast, now that it is warm and sunny outside.

As for our rhubarb, Wil read that it grows quicker when you cover it up with a bucket.
It stays warmer, especially during the cold nights on the prairies, and it keeps the moisture.

We covered up half of the rhubarb, and the difference is significant!

Rhubarb to the right is non-bucket rhubarb. The one on the top left is the one we covered up. It's hard to tell in the picture, but it is definitely bigger!

Have a great start of the week, everyone!