Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Elderflower-Strawberry Punch...finally!

I know, I know...
Some of you have been waiting for me to post this recipe.
To be honest: 
the basic punch mix was sitting in my fridge waiting for the right moment to get used.
I found the recipe in the German cooking magazine "Lust auf Genuss" .

It is relatively easy to make and so much fun because ideally you get to pick elderflowers that in May/June grow everywhere, even in the city of Berlin!
Until a few months ago, I didn't even know what these flowers were.
 But it is fantastic that you can just walk around and pick them.
If eldeflowers don't grow where you live or you want to prepare this punch outside elderflower season you can just use syrup instead.
Most organic and grocery stores carry it (at least here in Germany).

elderflower umbel, looking a bit rough

 Anyway this punch is the perfect summer drink.
Have some friends over, throw on the barbecue and enjoy the nicest days of the year!

What you need:

400ml white wine (e.g. Sauvignon Blanc)
700ml water
1 lemon
150g sugar
1 bottle prosecco/cremant/champagne 
10 elderflower umbels 
(those saucer-shaped things were the blossoms sit on...)
300-500g strawberries

Cut the lemon into slices.
In a saucpan heat up wine, water, sugar and the lemon slices.
As soon as the sugar dissolved remove the mix from heat.

Carefully wash the elderflower umbels and remove them from dirt.
Add the elderflower umbels (keep some blossoms for garnish) to the mix, 
cover it up, and let it sit over night.

The next day pour the wine-elderflower mix through a fine strainer or even better, 
through a piece of cloth.

Wash and quarter the strawberries.
Put icecubes and strawberries in a big bowl or can. 
Add some of the leftover elderflower blossoms. 
First pour in the wine-elderflower mix, 
then top off with a bottle of prosecco/cremant/champagne.

Serve in wine or special punch glasses!

  • The mix is quite intense and sweet. I used two bottles of prosecco instead of just one, which was totally fine. That way you have more punch...
  • Also when using the syrup instead of the flowers, I would recommend to replace the sugar with the same amount of syrup. The good thing here: it won't have to sit overnight.

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