Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vegan Experiment Day 3&4

Two days passed, and I still haven't eaten animal.

Day 3

Day 3 started with my beloved vanilla soy coffee (yak) and a pink grapefruit.
So far so good.

For lunch I had a fried lentil-pastry roll which was pretty delicious, I have to say. Nicely spiced and crispy.
I also bought one of my favorite vegetarian/vegan spreads "Allos Classico Gourmet Pastete". That went on a pretzel roll and tasted expectingly good, as well.

Allos Gourmet Pastete Classico tastes a bit likeliverwurst...
...just without the liver and the wurst
But the best part of the day was definitely dinner. I sauteéd some vegetables and had some rosemary crispbread  (it's new from WASA and I can highly recommend it!) with a white bean spread. My friend Ingrid who had been a Vegan for a few years in the past gave me some tips on what to cook and how to keep yourself motivated, and the white bean spread was one of the recipes she gave me.
Hell, that was delicious!

Sorry bout the crappy photo. But it was dark outside
and I only had my iPhone and some bad lamp to use as a spot.
But I'm sure you get an idea...

It's so easy to make. Just buy a can of white beans, strain them and collect the marinade/juice in a separate bowl. Put the beans in a mixer and mix them with 1-2 garlic cloves, olive oil and lemon juice. Season it with salt, pepper and a dash of sugar and if it's not creamy enough add some more olive oil or the white bean marinade/juice. Be careful with the garlic. I used two garlic cloves for half the amount and it was a little too much. The spread is a little bit like hummus but milder and easier to make. I find making good hummus quite a challenge. The steps are the same as with the wite beans but seasoning it is a little trickier because the chickpeas flavour, especially when using canned chickpeas, is much more dominant than with white beans.

Day 4

On day 4 I met up with lovely friend Anna and drank tons of latte macchiatos with soy milk. 
I'm definitely getting used to the taste of soy milk, so strange.
Anna and I had lunch at Maya's Deli, a small vegan bistro on Pappelallee in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.
While Anna picked an Avocado sandwich I decided to try the warm tempeh sandwich. 

Both came with sourdough bread and were really good. I was surprised by the tempeh, a soy product, made by fermented soybeans formed to some sort of cake. It reminded me a little bit of Nattō, just not as strong.

Very tasty!

 For dessert we tried their home baked cakes. 
Anna chose a chocolate cream cake I went for the red currant crumble.

Unfortunately the chocolate cake didn't taste like chocolate at all.So that was quite disappointing. My crumble cake was good. I think the crumbles contained oatmeal, as well, which has a nice flavor when roasted. 
I only missed the butter in the crumbles. 
They are just so much richer and satisfying with butter than with margarine!
And the whipped soy cream was...strange.

My dinner was pretty unspectacular and not worth mentioning. It was vegan, after all.
But get prepared for the next days. 
I digged out some recipes and will try to bake a vegan cake and some mushroom-nut balls/burgers...

So exciting!

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