Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back and MURRied!

I spent the last weeks in Calgary, Alberta to get married to my wonderful husband Wil Murray.
Yes, I'm part of the Murray-Clan now, which makes me really proud and happy. Everything was perfect. The weather was great, the location was beautiful and everyone has been so lovely and generous. We are so blessed having such wonderful friends and loving family.

Photo by the wonderful Anna Coe!

And best part of all this is: I don't need to refer to Wil as to my fiancé ever again! Thank God, I hated this word. Husband sounds so much more solid...

For my hen party the ladies took me to Bistro 2210, a really nice little French place
with amazing vintage cocktails like "St. Germain Royale" or "French 75"

I've also been eating and drinking my way through Cowtown, and still managed to fit into my wedding dress (wohooo!). As a European I definitely missed the reasonable portion sizes and prizes for alcoholic beverages, but, hey! "Life ist not a pony farm", as we like to say in Germany, and this should not keep you from making amazing discoveries and having a good time.

delicious pulled pork sandwich from the Cowtown Beef Shack, a little tiny hut ,
or "Imbiss" as we like to call it in Germany, on the side of one of the main roads...

And yes, sometimes you simply cannot resist greasy American fast food chains...

I ate fantastic mangos (yeah, that's Calgary), drank really good micro-brew beer, was served delicious beef and discovered how amazingly good portwine is
(especially with dark chocolate pecan pie, OMG).

Oh, and I almost forgot: WE FOUND MORELS IN CALGARY!!!!

They were just sitting there, begging us to pick them...

That's the area where we found the mushrooms...right before we found the mushrooms.
And no, I won't tell you where exactly. A mushroom picker never reveals their spots!

After searching for them by pretty much turning the nearby German forests upside down, without luck, I almost stumbled over them during a pre-lunch walk in Calgary's nature...
A couple days later we decided to go on an official morel mushroom hunt.

We simply fried them in butter with some wild sage we found in the same area,
 added some salt, pepper and squeezed some lemon over it.
They strangely didn't taste all that mushroomy.
More like a savory omelette with an almost meaty flavor to it. 

The biggest news that I'm dying to share with you is that Wil and I will be moving to Canada in the fall.
And it even looks like we'll be trading our super-urban city life for living on the prairies!
I'll keep you updated on this. But I cannot tell you how excited I am.
Oh Canada!

In other news: I will have a new camera by the end of this week and that means I will finally be able to take good (or at least better than cell phone) photos again! And this will mean more posts, unless I get buried underneath moving-across-the-world stuff...

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