Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beans, Pears and Bacon

Just a quick post because me and my husband are currently busy getting everything ready for moving across the world. Between painting, packing and bureaucracy stuff there is almost no time and motivation to cook. Therefore we mainly eat pizza and asian food these days.

This Northern German speciality I made a couple of days ago. It's a quick meal or a nice side dish.
Just cut off the ends of about 500g of beans cut them in 3-4cm sized pieces and boil them in salted water for about 12 minutes. You can add some dried savory, as well, for more flavor.

In the meantime fry bacon cubes (approx. 200-250g) in a big pan. Once they are nicely browned and crispy, take one or two pears, remove the cores and cut the pears in cubes as well. Add them to the bacon. Spice with salt pepper and a dash of brown sugar, maple syrup or honey. If you like you can douse with a bit of whisky or brandy.

Throw in the beans, mix everything and serve.

I know it's not the original recipe for Pears, beans and bacon. It's just a quick alternative.
But it tastes great!


  1. Mmmh, mit Bohnen kenn ich das nicht. Aber Bohnen sind immer gut, Bohnen mit Speck sowieso. In der Schweiz gibt es ein Gericht, das heisst «Schnitz und Drunder», das sind kleine, getrocknete Kochbirnen, Speck und dann aber Kartoffeln - und alles durcheinander gewirbelt.

  2. Ach, Kartoffeln klingt doch auch nicht verkehrt! Man könnte das im Grunde ja auch einfach alles miteinander kombinieren, also Kartoffeln, Bohnen, Speck und Birnen...lecker! Ich bin immer wieder überrascht wie sich doch diverse Gerichte regional unterscheiden und trotzdem gleich/ähnlich bleiben.