Friday, April 22, 2011

Pelmeni Imbiss at Ostbahnhof

Every Sunday there is this huge antique market at Berlin Ostbahnhof
From furniture, books, jewellery, pottery, records, 
you can find anything there even second world war nazi stuff 
(the swastikas get covered up with stickers). 

Aside from the market there is this weird Russian Imbiss stand that sells all kinds of Russian food: 
Pelmenis, Blini, Borschtsch, Soljanka, Pirogies, Russian beer and liquor etc. 
Vladimir Egozov, the owner, is a Russian original, who, with a significant Russian accent, 
gives you advices and recommendations on food and pieces of wisdom. 
You won't always get what you ordered, Bortsch seems to be out every time we go there, 
and even if you end up not liking the food 
(some dishes can be quite greasy):
it's quite inexpensive and definitely worth the experience!

I highly recommend the Pelmeni and Soljanka.
You can't go wrong with that!

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  1. he is my grandpa ma grandma makes every night fresh pelmeni and bilishi (sry for my bad english ) pleas try it out i wanna that my grandpa have mutch money that he can make a bigger resturant :)