Sunday, April 10, 2011

Barbecue No2! or How to trick myself into liking salad...

After a long and exciting day on Schmachtenhagen's farmers market with our friends Anna and Beau we came home with tons of meat, some sausages, fresh warm sourdough bread, an ice machine that I bought for 10 bucks at the flea market there and a giant headache from all the beer we drank...
Nevertheless our hibachi was already waiting for us.
As soon as we got home we fired the grill and threw on some sausages and sirloins.

In order to have our dinner plates look more colourful and a bit healthier I decided to make a classic salad with lamb's lettuce, tomatos, cheese and avocados.

Ok. I have to admit I'm not a big salad fan. 
But with a few tricks and a bit of extra-pimping I manage to create one that even I don't mind eating.

First of all I caramelize the cherry tomatoes in butter adding a dash of sugar, salt and pepper.
Warm sweet tomatos in a salad taste insanely good!
Then of course adding roasted nuts (pine nuts and almonds preferably). 
You can't go wrong with crunchy roasted nuts! 
I also like adding Hass avocado cubes because of their creamy texture and fresh parmesan to sprinkle over it...
Very important, as well: good olive oil and balsamico vinegar.
Quality just tastes better! 
For example we bought 20 year old balsamico vinegar from our local Italian store.
That really makes a difference!
I can also highly recommend to do an olive oil degustation at some point.
You won't believe how different olive oil can taste!
I really like the greek ones. They taste very grassy and slightly bitter.

There you go! These are my tipps and tricks to make a simple salad more enjoyable.
You can also just add meat to it, though...

We drank a pretty decent French red wine with it: Chateau Capitoul Rocaille Rouge AOC
which contains the varietals syrah, grenache noir and carignan.

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