Sunday, August 21, 2011

The perfect hangover food!

Soo hungover this morning! 
Thank God I got to celebrate it with a savoury American hangover  breakfast!
Grilled cheese sandwich with processed chester cheese (I don't even know what this bright orange shiny stuff has to do with cheese, anymore) and a little extra protein: two eggs, nicely placed in a cut out hole in the middle of each slice of bread, called "eggs in a hole" (logic) or "birds in a nest" (for the smarter kids out there) or many other names ("cyclops" would be my recommendation) .

Some might say this is not healthy, but it sure helped killing my hangover.

Thank you, America.

PS: bacon could be found in it, as well.
PPS: tomorrow = diet.
PPPS: no more booze for at least two days!

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