Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wiener Schnitzel @ Prater, Berlin

Yesterday our wonderful friends Anna and Beau decided to throw us an engagement party. 
We thought the best way to start the night would be with four giant Wiener Schnitzel at Prater
the oldest Biergarten in Berlin,
and so it came to pass:

Beau excitedly waiting for his Schnitzel,
a giant piece of veil that gets hammered,
then coated with egg and breadcrumbs and deep-fried,
served with lemon and potatoes/potato salad

Anna trying her first Schnitzel

in Schnitzel-Action

On an un-Schnitzel-related side note:
That's the ring Wil got me for our engagement!

Always remember: Only a Wiener Schnitzel made with veil is a real Wiener Schnitzel! 
Everything else would have to be called "Vienna style Schnitzel". 

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