Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best muesli in the world!

Why not start the week with a good healthy and filling muesli for breakfast tomorrow?
This here is definitely the best muesli I ever had. It's fresh, it fills you up for at least four hours and it is so good for you.
Instead of flakes you buy whole grains and get them ground up.
If you are lucky to own a flour mill, even better!
But some organic stores will do it for you, or you sometimes can even buy the ready-ground up grains.
It's important that they won't end up too fine. We don't want it to be flour but shredded grains.
I think grade 7 was what they did at Kiepert&Kutzner, where I got mine. But I don't know if this is a universal grade for grinding stuff...

However, here's what you need for one meal:

3-4 Tbsp ground grains 
the more different kinds the better!  
I used a mix with 6 different kinds.
But there is also bags with 4 or 5.
Or you just mix the ones you want
to use yourself.

1 Tbsp flax seed 
(whole or ground)

3-4 Tbsp cream

fruits  (about a handful)   
banana, apple, pear, straw- or
rasberries, melon, peach...
whatever you like and whatever
is in season.

5-10 nuts chopped        
hazelnuts are pretty good,
but again: use whatever nuts or seeds you like!

1 Tbsp rolled oats

In a bowl, soak the grains and flax seeds in water over night (2Tbsp of water for 1 Tbsp of grains). 
The next morning stir in the cream. 
Sweeten with honey if you like an add a dash of cinnamon for the taste. 
Cut up the fruits and put them on top (I usually use about half a banana and a quarter apple and/or pear, depending on the size).

In a pan roast the chopped nuts and rolled oats until golden brown. 
Remove from stove. 
Add a dash of cinnamon and about 1 Tbsp of honey and mix everything well until all the nuts and oats are coated with honey. 
Pour the honey-nut mix over the fruits and the muesli.


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