Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hangover Pizza on Canada Day

Yesterday both Wil and I woke up pretty hungover.
The reason for that was a night full of art, hanging out with friends, dancing to BritPop, 80ies music and rock n roll, and, yep, DRINKING TONS OF BOOZE.
Well I actually did not drink that much.
But Wil, who had an art opening and had been working his cute ass off for the last couple of weeks, rewarded himself with plenty of beers and cheap whisky.
In order to cure his massive hangover and to properly celebrate Canada day I decided to make pizza.
Okay, okay, pizza is not really a Canadian thing. I didn't even manage to make it American style with a deep pan crust.
But, come on, who doesn't love pizza?

For the dough I just mixed

15-20g yeast with
1tsp of salt, 
a dash of sugar, 
1tbsp of good olive oil and
210ml of warm water

Then I slowly kneaded in

350g bread flour (special flour for yeast dough)

After kneading the dough for at least 5 minutes I put it into a bowl which I covered with a damp towel and placed it somewhere warm so the dough could rise.
After one hour the dough volume had doubled and was ready to become a proper pizza!

I rolled it out on a baking sheet as thin as I could (which really wasn't that easy...) and brushed the top  with my homemade tomato sauce.

For the tomato sauce I chopped 

one onion and 
two garlic cloves

and fried them in a pan with 

2 tbsp of olive oil

Then I added about 

2 tbsp of tomato puree
150-200 ml of red wine
1 big can of canned tomatos (700g?)

Then I seasoned everything with

a dash of hot sauce
a handful of chopped basil leaves
dried oregano

I poured everything into a blender and mixed it until I had a smooth tomato sauce.
After that I poured the sauce back into the pan and let it simmer on low heat for almost an hour in order to reduce the liquids and make it a thick sauce.

What went on the pizza

For the pizza topping choose whatever you like.

I used:

bacon (CANADA DAY!!!!)
black olives
buffalo mozzarella
pine nuts

I baked it for about  25 minutes at 200°C.
Make sure to add the basil a bit later, after about 15 minutes.
Otherwise it burns.

I topped my pizza off with some arugula...

proud & happy
hungry & hungover

...then went back to bed and watched animal documentaries with pizza and the man.

I have to admit, the pizza dough didn't turn out as perfect. It was a little too dense and hard.
If anyone knows the secret for the perfect pizza crust, let me know!!!
Feel free to leave me a message.
I'm happy for any advice.

there was a beautiful sunset, too...only for Canada Day!

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