Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!

So, Wil is a very, very good and dedicated gardener and has been taking care of our tiny balcony and the plants. 
We grew tons of tomatoes this year which are all ripening now.
As promised, here are some pics of our harvest!

before picking
after picking  

They taste sweet and fruity... almost like candy.

Wil made a salad with our first tomatoes adding arugula, mozzarella, 
chanterelles sauteed in butter and balsamico, bacon and pine nuts...


  1. Wow! This looks so light and refreshing! My favorite thing to do with super sweet cherry tomatoes like that is to cut them in half and lightly saute with capers, parsley, and halved kalamata olives. Goes beautifully with seafood or chicken, or tossed with pasta! Love that you added chanterelles!

  2. Thanks a lot, Frances.
    your idea sounds really good, as well. i'm sure we will make plenty of salads and sauces with our tomatoes. I just love to add sauteed tomatoes to a salad. it feels mor like a meal to me then for some reason. Still light but it's warm (I guess I'm not such a raw person myself), and with a dash of sugar to caramelize them in the tomatoes unfold their full flavor...I love home-grown tomatoes! Nice blog, by the way.